Remembering Rodney’s sacrifice in the First World War

The Great War (1914–1918) was one of the most significant events of the 20th Century and had a profound and lasting impact on New Zealand society. Our troops travelled the furthest and our contribution came at a very high cost. Ten percent of our population of one million people served overseas — more than 18,000 died and over 40,000 were wounded. Nearly every New Zealand family was touched by tragedy along with every school and workplace and many communities large and small have a memorial commemorating World War I.

Ormond Burton was a stretcher-bearer at Anzac Cove who became a highly decorated infantryman on the Western Front. He summed up the significance of the war when he famously said “somewhere between the landing at Anzac and the end of the battle of the Somme, New Zealand very definitely became a nation”.

Upon reflection on the significance of this important event in our history, I wanted to highlight the sacrifice and commitment the people of Rodney made to the war efforts. My office has put together our own way of commemorating the efforts from Rodney during this time. Over the next year on my website I will be highlighting the soldiers who travelled from Rodney to serve in The Great War; along with showing the different ways our communities contributed to the war efforts. I will be highlighting this through profiles, historical information and sitting down with decedents of those who served.

The next four years will provide many opportunities to remember those momentous events, which will allow us to reflect on the difficulties our soldiers faced with courage and determination. We wouldn’t be the country we are today without their sacrifice.

Lest we forget.

Albert Edward Dennis
Albert Edwin James Greenwood
Albert George Llewell
Albert Gustaf Anderson
Albert Henry Billing
Albert John Cross
Albert Leonard Boler
Albert Neville Phillips
Alfred Clifford Grimmer
Alfred Cusro Whitham
Alfred Ralph Litton
Alfred Roy Maunder
Alfred Thurlow Leeds
Alfred William Anderson
Andrew Davis Armour
Andrew William Meaney
Angus Matheson
Angus Roderick Dunning
Anthony Lennan
Anthony Meaney
Archer Ian Batty
Archibald Lamont
Archibald McArthur Dunning
Arthur Colgan
Arthur Hannah
Arthur Henry Goatley
Arthur John Yearbury
Arthur Percy Thomas Babb
Arthur Powdrill
Arthur Richard Sanderson
Arthur Samuel Eyton
Arthur Stanley Smith
Arthur Thomas Llewell
Arthur Vincent Alford
Augustus Gordon Roose
Benedick Schollum
Bennett James Turnwald
Bernard Richard William Roydhouse
Cecil Alan McKern Jackson
Cecil William Phillips
Charles David Cruickshank
Charles Edward Bond Whitaker
Charles Fyfe
Charles Henry Gathercole
Charles Henry Rayner
Charles Herbert Wade
Charles James Annandale
Charles Lawrence Leeds
Charles Newstead Hall
Charles Robert Begbie
Charlie Parker
Christian Fritz Berger
Clarence Lister Theophilus Boler
Claude William Moore
Cliford Wharfedale Mather
Clive William Harris Moore
Cyril Ernst Rogers
Cyril Herbert Newcombe
Cyril Vivian Jenkins
Cyrus Haskell Matheson
David Cashmore
Donald Raymond Guest
Donald Stewart McCathie
Duncan Keith Matheson
Edward Cecil Brown
Edward Vipond
Edward William Gravatt
Egerton Burleigh Cooper Cecil
Enid Clan Ronald Darroch
Eric James Ingram
Eric Sanderson
Ernest Edward Parker
Ernest John Miller
Ernest Schollum
Ernest William Cross
Everard Onslow Brown
Felix Philip Powley
Francis Lionel Izod
Francis Trotter
Francis Victor Simpson
Frank Andrew Smith
Frank Cowley
Frank Daniell Diprose
Frederick Anton Schollum
Frederick Ernest Webster

Frederick Gordon Dill
Frederick James Perham
Frederick Patrick James Dignan
Frederick Rathbone Foster
Garfield Alexander Warin
Gavin Barnes Croker
George Allan Anderson
George Copestake
George Dickson
George Gilbert Burnard Jamieson
George Henry Boler
George Henry Rogers
George Knight Leonard Wyatt
George McCabe Tindle
George Phillip Eyton
George Thomas Bischoff
George Victor Snell
George William Howell
Gordon Govan Jamieson
Harold George Owens
Harold Grant
Harold Norman Cave
Harold Tomlin
Harold Vipond
Harold Vivian Ramsay
Harry James Randall
Harvey Brown
Henry Augustine Jenkins
Henry Bradley Smith
Henry Charles Young
Henry Edward Gray
Henry George Simonsen
Henry John Rowe
Henry Stanley Cruickshank
Herbert Charles Eyton
Herbert Guy Vipond
Herbert Henry Fordham
Herbert Michael Smith
Herman Lennan
Holland King
Hugh Alexander Darrach
Hugh Bar Scott
Ian Meiklejohn Matheson
Ivor Owen Parry
James Alexander Ross
James Ballantine Holmes McKinney
James Buchanan Perry
James Claude Gibbs
James Farmer
James Henry Sadler
James Henry Snell
James Lennan
James Llewell
James Roland Russell
James Steele Cosgrave
John Anclus Biorklund
John Birdsall Greenwood
John Blair
John Charles Edgar Wyatt
John Ferdinant Anderson
John James Smith
John Maxwell Young
John Patrick Sadler
John Stoneham
John Theodore Simonsen
John Wenzyl Schollum
John Wesley Madill
John William Thomlinson
John William Titford
Joseph Alon Vipond
Joseph Frederick King
Joseph Jones
Joseph Noakes
Joseph Turnwald
Joseph Sweeny Meale
Kenneth Cranley Warin
Leo Martin Weck
Leonard Henry Kingston
Leonard Rhodes Pulham
Leopold Thomas Buckton
Lyndsay Stuart Holmes McKinney
Malcom Keith McCathie
Mangu Kuku
Mark Vipond
Martin Joseph Schischka

Mervyn Roy Ashton
Nelson Rae
Norman Douglas Stirling
Patrick Leslie Keogh
Percy Clyde Payne
Percy Wakeham Smith
Percy William Young
Peroy Herbert Greenwood
Peter Albert
Peter Joseph Wenzlick
Peter Nicholas Katavich
Ralph Semple Darrach
Raymond Taylor
Richard Edgar Powdrill
Richard Gregory Wenzlick
Richard Wilkins Hoult
Robert Charles Alexander Quinn
Robert Frederick Hinton Aldworth
Robert Harrison
Robert Holmes McKinney
Robert James Warr
Robert Taylor Morrison
Rodney Matheson Neeley
Roland Buckton
Ronald Vivian Moore
Roy Searchfield
Rudolph Wilmot Ross Pulham
Samuel Boler
Samuel Maxwell
Samuel Roland Viall
Sidney Charles Ashton
Sidney Ray Viall
Sydney Clarence Lobb
Thomas Buckton
Thomas George Wilson
Thomas Gerald Norman Screaton
Thomas Henry Donovan
Thomas Henry Pelley
Thomas Oliver Llewelyn Jenkins
Thomas Powdrill
Thomas Richard Hurley
Thomas Walter Burke
Thomas William Attwood
Tom Searchfield
Victor Bischoff
Victor Emiel Adolph
Vincent George Barnett
Vivian Roy Sanderson
Walter Halstead Stevens
Walter Hughes Rayner
Walter Linzie Scott
Walter Sidney Woodcook
Walter Vivian Petherick
William Alexander Haskell
William Berger
William Charles Rowe
William Christopher Utting
William Colin Christie
William Copestake
William Duncan Knaggs
William Fleury
William George Colville
William Henry
William Henry Porter
William Henry Trail
William John Birdsall
WIlliam John Davie Martin
William John Eyton
William Latimer Pine
William McCulloch Adolph
William Norman Glyn Parry
William Peter Berstrom
William Richard Gibbs
William Thomas Andrews
William Thomas King
William Thomas Smith
William Victor Jacobson
Wilson Cunningham
Wynn Henry Jones